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Time — George & Company
Swept Away — Grant
Hello — Grant, Mel
Tap Happy Feet — Nessa with Mel & Coronelia
Things You Wear — Grant, Nessa
Spice Guy — Wilfred with Mel, Nessa & Coronelia
This Girl Called Mel — George, Grant
Nothing Matters but the Music — Grant, George

Daffy Little Ditty — George & Company
Something Sleeping — Wilfred, Dennis
After All this Time — Coronelia
A New Beginning (Instrumental) — Nessa
The Blues — Mel
Maybe, Baby — Wilfred, Grant, Dennis, George
Life All Around Us — Grant, George
Meant for You — Grant, Mel
Maybe, Baby (Bows) — Company

Music by Wayland Pickard • Book by Doug Haverty
Lyrics by Laura Manning & Wayland Pickard • Additional lyrics by Doug Haverty

Orchestrations by Wayland Pickard

Songs here are performed by the Group Rep (World Premiere) cast:
GRANT ~ Andrew Bourgeois • GEORGE ~ Daniel Lench • DENNIS ~ Gregory Guy Gordon
CORONELIA ~ Suzy London • MEL ~ Jean Altadel • NESSA ~ Emma-Jayne Appleyard • WILFRED ~ Kyle Bares

Originally Produced by The Group Rep at the Lonny Chapman Theatre
in Los Angeles, California
Directed by Jules Aaron • Choreography by Michele Bernath
Artistic Directors: Larry Eisenberg & Chris Winfield

Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by Michael Ferenci, FERENCI MUSIC, Maui, HI