“… a delightful musical fantasy extravaganza! … truly fun and wonderful original musical … will warm your heart, move your soul and keep a musical smile on your face from beginning to end … amazing, old-fashioned Broadway-stylized experience.”
      —Lorenzo Marchessi | The Geek Authority

“… hit! …plenty of great music and dance numbers as the story plays out to its resolve and requisite happy ending. The cast is brilliant in carrying out the Gershwin-like song and dance numbers!”
      —Robert Axelrod | ReviewPlays.com

“ … has the kooky offbeat feel of the 1930s era Gershwin musicals … music is pleasant and there are some tunes that sound like they could have come from a Gershwin score of yore.”
      —Rob Stevens | Now Playing

“Fantastic ... Each and every actor in this great new musical gives us everything we want in a musical, and with the direction by Jules Aaron, amazing music and lyrics by Wayland Pickard, Laura Manning and Doug Haverty, fantastic storyline by Doug Haverty ... we have a perfect evening ... you will be singing these new songs all the way home, and dancing your way back to see The Ghost Of Gershwin again and again.”
      —Cathy Wayne | NoHoArts District

“ … a lot to sing about … contains a bevy of freshly penned ditties that are nostalgic in tone and capture the style and essence of a bygone era perfectly … a real winner, a new old-fashioned musical that even the ghost of Gershwin would be proud to call his own.”
      —Tom Chaits | StageandCinema.com

“ … lighthearted, nostalgic musical romp with a surrealistic edge, plenty of laughs and romantic complications … written with cleverly insightful intrigue … a lively cast of seven take on their roles with passionate pizzazz … songs and performances were so much fun … hauntingly magical … while the entire play was hilariously entertaining, Act Two exploded with songs and performances that tied it all together and garnered thunderous applause repeatedly. This is a good, old-fashioned musical, loaded with quirky characters and a most unusual storyline.”
      —Pat Taylor | The Tolucan Times

… much to sing about including a terrific musical score … wonderful to see an interest in reverting to the old-fashioned musical format which has a linear plot and songs to further that story line forward. I applaud (the writers) for their enthusiasm, talent and pure audacity.”
      —Don Grigware | BroadwayWorld.com

“ … featuring 17 new Gershwin-inspired songs, the plot is strictly Tin Pan Alley with some contemporary situations tossed in … Lovers of classic 30s musicals will certainly savor The Ghost of Gershwin.”
      —Kurt Gardner | BlogCritics.com

“ … the good news is the show boasts some pretty snappy and moving compositions … the cast’s commitment to their parts and to the show i makes it easier for the audience to root for the ensemble.”
      — Martin Hernandez | Stage Raw

“memorable music with snappy lyrics that capture the lighthearted but heavy-talented spirit of 20s and 30s Broadway. Somewhere up in that Great White Way in the sky, George and Ira are smiling in approval … successfully blends “La Vie Boheme” with the screwball energy of a Preston Sturges comedy … a piano summons the ghost of George Gershwin — And a very engaging Gershwin he is, ably adding to a spirited tradition that ranges from A Christmas Carol to Play It Again Sam ... The book has wonderful characters, compelling themes and a great set up … knows the difference between inspiration and imitation ... Along with George and Ira, may a Broadway angel (or two) come to smile on this delightful homage musical.”
      — Greg Simay | myBurbank.com